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Mind wanders

In the land of city life and office work, magic seems harder to find. My eyes are foggy with cigarette smoke, cheap perfume and air pollution. Traffic jams my days, the long line of cars and emails waiting. Moving only when I do.

Just like that, days are packed with hours of work. The nights are for the lovers. Star gazing above the sparkly haze of city glaze. Can you see the reflection of the stars in the rooftop windows? That’s where the magic flows in. Where the Big Friendly Giant blows bottled dreams into your bedroom, for you to adventure at night.

I’ve been experimenting. The more wine I drink, the crazier my dreams get. I haven't been drinking alcohol for a week now, which has brought me peace of mind at night. During the day though, I’m all over the place. My mind wanders off so easily, I doubt whether my feet are actually still stuck to this planet. What do you do to ground yourself when your head is so high in the clouds the way down seems too far to even bother getting back to?

I light some palo santo, close my eyes and remember the feeling of the earth under my feet as I kick up dust while dancing to psytrance. Even during daylight hours, I slip into daydreams easily. So I guess I’m never really here. Sunny afternoons are burning my brain with desire to explore. Travel life feels like a far-flung memory, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. Every day the soles of my feet itch a little bit more. I bite my nails so there’s no use in trying to scratch.

Deep down I know,

It’s time for me to go.

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