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Love you up

I don’t know if it’s the first sunrays on my face, the scent of spring in the air. We all get sick at the same time, we all feel loved up at the same time. Maybe it’s a city thing? When so many people move together so closely, our lives collide. We’re all under the same moon and when the sun comes out, we all lighten up.

The full moon peers through my window, leaving the room in a mystical haze. I think back of all the full moons, the crazy energy she brings, feelings of being all lovved up. I’ve always been in love, for as long as I remember. I know I’m naive, but when I meet someone marvellous, my world easily gets turned upside down and I’m all smiles for days. Oh baby, I can fall in love with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning! It really is that easy.

In a strange way, I love the falling out of love too. The heartbreak, not being able to sleep, eat, move, let alone think of anything else. When my heart breaks, my life shatters and nights are spent watching black and white 50ies movies to try and fall asleep to. I swim in lakes of rosé until the world spins, I can't find words, I only vomit out poetry. It’s dark, it’s painful, it makes me feel alive. When it's all done and time heals the heart, I realise I kinda dig those life devouring feelings. Does this make me an insane person? Probably, but it does leave me with piles of poetry.

If anyone has seen ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ or ‘One Day’ you know what I’m talking about when I say you gotta go for that love when you feel it! Yes, it’s a vulnerable and scary place to dwell in, but it’s so good it’ll make you fly.

Promise, promise.

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