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Soothe my soul

I want to dance ceaselessly

barefooted and poured with wine from a bottomless glass

I want to move to Poppy Ajudha’s voice

sway away click my heels and go

to faraway places where trees are made of lollypops

garter belts are all we wear

you’ll be mine and I’ll be theirs

What am I afraid of?

Why am I the one who slows me down

holds me back

lets me live a life of lullabies

while it could be funk and psytrance all the time

I could dig my soles deep in your floor

if only my soul wanted more

of what you have given me before

Was what you saw through the looking glass

really what you wanted the world to be

a kaleidoscope of coloured wings

flying freely harldy ever


when was the last time you

came down?

Come down baby baby

come along

and warm your hands on my tepid soul.

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