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Summer dreaming

Life! You funny little thing! As I’m planning my faraway escape, my adventure into the wild unknown shaped as colourful Mexico, you throw fresh options in my face. Dreams I put in tiny pockets in the back of my mind, thinking they belong to life outside of Brussels borders.

Last weekend I walked a big chunk of the green path surrounding my city. Getting to know new places, feeling like a tourist, a hiker coming home, feet blistering, my bed calling. The blanket was softer than ever. My heavy eyes and painful feet didn’t bear the thought of another day in my hiking boots so I celebrated Sunday the way I love best: happily lazy.

Coffee, books, checking flights, ponders of Mexican travels and Canadian festivals, all the while taking naps in between daydreams. Even though the only reason I left the house was to buy myself flowers, I was glad to have this day filled with stolen hours. Plans were thrown overboard and I was free to roam around space and make many wanders of the mind.

Just as I got too lost in the maze of interwebs flight sites, I visited a travel agency who printed out my summer plans nice ‘n neatly. My excitement grew and with it the volume of my voice. Visions of dress ups in Canadian shrub, lake swims and road trips from one Mexican pueblo to another. Margaritas for breakfast, ocean waves for lunch and dinner. Ooh!

I ride my bike to the evening market, the sun is shining in my face as I sit down on the pavement to talk with my beloved sister T. It’s a brainstorm session that starts with the simple question: how can I make more time for my art? The art of putting pen to paper and write for god’s sake! Form words with letters, how hard can it be? I’ve been missing it, since days are getting swallowed up by this time machine called work. After spending 8+ hours in front of a computer, I don’t feel like whipping out a blog post on my laptop. Screen time, just like routine, is a killer of my dreams and fantasy.

T. inspired me so, though. I just had to flip open my laptop, put the needle on the record and make things spin. Words flowing from dusty places into the light of day. As I check facebook, there she is: the car of my dreams, fully decked out with a bed and space for camping gear, prayer flags and the lot. So the dream of living my own little van life here in the homelands moves from the back to the front of my mind. Oh baby, it's adventure time.

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