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Day of all days night of all nights

My heart beats in fireworks

these days I only let sunrays in and

who am I to say no to that?

Anxiety has been kicking my ass

lately it’s all fears and claustrophobia

headspace on and


the dirt I brought back from wanders

on the fearful side of mind

forgot to wipe my muddy boots

took the filth into the house I reside

my head

brewing brains

boiling under that sweet sunshine

when it all gets too much I put

headspace on and


I beat my fear of flight by booking

a ticket to the other side of the globe

summer dreams are where I’ve been living

the universe provides

they say

she brought the summer home

warm nights for early morning bike rides

balmy breeze drying dancing sweat can’t feel my legs

it’s a good sign

it’s all good


it's good.

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