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All the yous

Have you been feeding all your different yous? I often struggle with the diversity of characters that make me who I am. Nearly too many to keep up with, let alone take the time to fully embrace them. If this sounds too spaced out, I’ll give you an example.

When I’m travelling, I enjoy being the naked hippie who dances at psytrance festivals, writes poems, goes to numerology workshops, sleeps under the starry night sky. I am in tune with my body, always surrounded by nature's beauty and happy to let adventure lead me.

But when I’m back home in Belgium, I don’t do these things. I live in a city, work an office job, wear clothes and bras, feel like I should be on the lookout for my baby daddy (“you’re nearly 30! And single! You okay?”), hell I even shave my legs! Different lives, different styles. I miss the free soul sometimes, now I’m stuck in a body filled with anxiety. City life gives me a lot, but takes a lot from me too.

My solution is to binge at work so I can binge at travel. After a winter of working lots of overtime, I’ll be embarking on a two month trip to faraway lands soon. I know it’s not the way to do it, because the longing for this holiday is so strong as I’ve dismissed my inner hippie for too long. A dear friend told me to make sure I feed every little bit of myself. To be careful not to let any part of me starve by neglecting it.

It’s about finding balance, letting all of you be alive at the same time. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I believe it’s possible to embrace all of your crazy, colourful, serious, loving, passionate, ambitious, silly self! You have it all in you, so you might as well live it!

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