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The art of letting go

And embarking on a new adventure! When things seem to go sideways, it's good to realise they were never planning on going straight anyway. What I'm saying is: everything happens for a reason.

Like losing your job one week after you receive your New Zealand work visa. Meeting that man right before leaving on a two month journey. Feeling your anxiety dissolve in a warm bath of freedom and no more paychecks. Month to month living: goodbye. Counting down days til the weekend begins: hell no. Mondays are the new Sundays. When you're travelling, time doesn't matter anymore.

Life has been thrown in a blender and whatever it may be I'm pouring in my glass has the sweet taste of freedom. You sensed it, I'm on the road again. Living out of a backpack, setting up my tent, slipping into my sleeping bag. Waking up to bird songs and a ridiculous smile on my face.

Who would have thought changing it up would mean all worries wash away. The painful looks on people's faces as I tell them I lost my job. Their eyes pity my lack of security, income, settlement. But the real reason my friends are unhappy with the news, is because they know it means I will go travel again.

No reason to stay, is a reason to go. Hopping on a plane to Canada with Mexican plans and New Zealand dreams sprouting in my mind, is how I respond to a 9 to 5 falling away, unlocking endless amounts of time. 

When one door closes, the rest of the world opens up. Brussels, baby, you've been good to me. But this nomad needs to go to where she feels best: open roads, small islands, paradise forests, snowy mountains, wildlife woods, beach days and starry nights. Canada, it's good to be back.

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