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Canada in a flash

It's hard to believe my Canadian journey has come to an end already. Three weeks feel like three hours, even though a lifetime of fun happened. As I'm waiting for my flight to Mexico, I feel the need to recap my trip in Canada, my heart heavy with the weight of so much love and memories of sweetness buzzing in my brain.

I created a holiday around my three favourite Canadian places: Cumberland, Bass Coast and Burn In The Forest. To roll into my tiny home town on Vancouver Island was such a treat, I feel like I spent most of my days in hugs and cuddles! The thing with Canada is that it's absolutely stunning and the people make it even more sparkly.

Bass Coast was next, my favourite festival organised by a bunch of badass ladies who bring the best music, art and people together to celebrate four days of goodness in between the wild roses, sage and a rushing river to wash away the dancefloor dust you collected. The best part of all is the silliness! Canadians know how to festival like no other. The craziest costumes, games, trippy art and everything that enhances life! Like twerkshops!  

Camping at Otter Lake was exactly what we needed to decompress and get some rest before Burn In The Forest would take us travelling through time and space to a place so magical I still have to rub my eyes and pinch my arm: did this really happen? Daytime dancing with all friends overlooking endless mountain views, watching the sunset from big trampolines, teaching aroybics class on every dancefloor and reaching my life goal of winning a packet of timtams by doing a sexy timtam dance during an Australian burlesque show. Because everything is possible at Burn In The Forest. 

And on my last night I found a perfectly fitting wedding dress. It didn't survive the dust though, and I couldn't cram it in my backpack if I wanted to. Believe me, I wanted to. 

So long Canada, my face hurts from smiling so much. You have been great, but now I have to go find a wedding dress in Mexico!

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