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Home sweet Mexico

Finally, I find the time and space to write you about my journey. From a beach bed in Puerto Escondido, with the sound of the waves crashing into the sand. Fresh coconut and tacos by my side and I'm ready to go. I hear you laughing, "you're on a holiday, all you have is time to write!" But even though I'm travelling solo, this is actually the first time I'm spending an afternoon by myself. So let's go.

I've been in Mexico for 2,5 weeks now, and it's been everything I have longed for and much much more. I lost my heart here as soon as I set foot on this magical land, Spanish words leaving my mouth more fluently than I ever expected them to be. Of course I fell in love, because I always do. With the place, the food, the music, the way of life and the people. Deep soul connections make me smile for days. 

Honestly, I can hardly believe I'm only halfway into my journey. A lifetime has happened in less than three weeks. When you travel, everything feels more intense because you're in a time crunch. I met friends for life, visited places that feel like home now, found myself a travel buddy and saw more beauty than my eyes have ever been exposed to. 

From the city of romance I journeyed to Cholula, where I spent a week drawn to the magnetic lands of volcanoes and pyramids. Sweet friends, salsa dancing and love kept me there. Next was Oaxaca, the city of art that I had heard so much about. My eyes could not contain their craziness as I roamed the colourful streets, met artists and swam in one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been: Hierve El Agua. Incredible!

After a lot of good food, mezcal and art I found another kind of magic in the mountains of San Jose Del Pacifico. Oh, mountains always do this to me. Add a forest straight out of a fairytale and before you know it, you are Alice In Wonderland. For two days and nights, we watched the clouds roll in and out, feeling the rains and the sweat pouring as we experienced our first temazcal, which is a traditional sweat lodge. On a cold mountain night under a starry sky, it was just perfect. 

Through many winding roads and with temperatures rising every minute, we arrived in this paradise named Puerto Escondido. Tent pitched on the beach, waves rushing me asleep. Oh, life! Feeling very very grateful and happy.

Mucho amor ❤️

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