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The big move

“Isn’t it hard? To change your life around, sell all your things, grab a backpack and fly to the other side of the world? But most of all: to move out of Brussels?” People love asking me this. Because it seems like a faraway dream, something I made up in my head. If you would have asked me this a couple of months ago, I wouldn't have shaken my head so vigorously, I’m sure.

Being so rooted in Brussels, in my neighbourhood, my Sunday coffee at the market, tiny eyes after Saturday night fever, my job, the same bike ride to the center early morning and back late at night. Buying lots of colourful and sparkly things to fill up my room, make it my home. After a while though, I got bored. Of the same bloody bike ride to the center, knowing how my next days and weeks would look like, feeling like all the sparkly things were a reason to stay, weighing me down. I can’t just leave my home, right?

Truth is,I’ve never been the settle down kind of woman. When I stay in the same place for a while, I forget about adventure and I get bored. Routine, killer of all dreams. Or in this case, routine as the ultimate push I needed to make long lost day dreams come true. So I booked those flights to Canada and Mexico, spending two months following my itchy traveller's feet. And boy, it felt goooood. In a strange yet familiar way, it felt like coming home.

Sleeping in different cities/ beaches/ mountain villages/ jungle huts every night, waking up not knowing what the day will bring. So far out of my Brussels zone of comfort and my big bed with fluffy pillows. I loved it. Because I realised, living in one place doesn’t necessarily mean achieving peace of mind. Instead I decided to do what I love, get back on that path, take the winding roads all the way to the horizon.

And then what?

That's when the magic happens.

Right now, my room in Brussels is empty except for a mattress on the floor. With every piece of furniture gone, I felt lighter. No material things to keep me here, fresh adventures await! Every morning I pack a small bag of notebooks, pencils and a camera and I leave for the day. Exploring the city I lived in for the past year and a half, seeing it through the eyes of a traveller. You know, to prepare for the real big move.

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