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Biting the horizon

“She was the girl who bit the horizon. The one who peeled the stars from the sky and put them on her tongue. She was the girl who was hungry for the entire universe, the one who craved the taste of magic.” - D. Antoinette Foy

I craved the taste of magic so much I actually did take a bite out of the horizon. It tasted so sweet I couldn’t stop and nibbled on until I ended up on the other side of the planet. Devouring moments of magic has been a constant longing of mine. An urge that has taken me many places. After Australia, Canada, USA, Asia and a Belgian pit stop, I am happy to announce I’m back on the road again.

Waking up in New Zealand, to the songs of birds and the crashing of waves on the sand. The ocean is so close, I can listen to her waves rolling in and out all day and night. Most of the nightly hours I lie awake any way, celebrating nearly two weeks of continuous jetlag. Even though my rhythm is completely messed up and the bags under my eyes grow bigger every day, I walk around with the biggest smile on my face and a bottomless cup of coffee glued to my hand.

Rising before the sun, walking to the beach and watching the world slowly wake up. No sounds but overexcited birds welcoming a new day. The hours were long and soft on the warm white sand. I ran into the ocean, let the water clear my frazzled brain. Sleep deprivation makes time go extra slow. Lavender moonrise hues announced the start of a starry night. My eyes were fighting to stay open, but I had to give in to my dream world to wash over me.

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