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The art of starting a new year

Aah, the start of a new decade, a sublime time to reflect on the past year and the blank sheet of paper in front of me. I’ve seen about a trillion lists passing by on all social media so I won’t bore (or excite?) you with yet another one of those. I’ve also heard that how you spend your new year’s eve will represent the next 365 days. Well if that’s true, I guess I’ll happily cosy up and take as many naps as possible because this granny didn’t even make it til midnight!

The fireworks actually woke me up as I was dreaming my way into the next roaring twenties. I set my alarm for 4 am to drive to Mount Maunganui and climb the mount for sunrise views with a couple of friends. That sparked an old flame of love I found in Santa Cruz some years ago: the romance between me and the sunrise. It still puzzles me how waking up super early to watch this big orange ball of fire rise over the ocean, gives me so much energy.

I have been working for the past seven days straight, beach sunrises as a morning ritual and crazy busy madness including impatient and rude customers at the cafe. I try to swim all of it off after work, but even ocean water hasn’t been healing enough for the irritation that has been growing inside of me with every customer who treats me like a dog.

I sent a dear friend in Belgium an update on my life in New Zealand recently: “lots of working, plus before and after work swims in the ocean every day.” She wished me this first week of the year will be representative for the rest of 2020. Those words planted a little seed in my head and the next morning I quit my serving job.

The wish for myself I spoke out on top of the mount during the first sunrise of the year, is to actively search for a fulfilling, meaningful job. I have probably done every minimum wage job on the planet, and while I care less for the money, I do care about spending my time wisely and not wasting away spending 40+ hours a week doing things I don’t enjoy. On top of that: I’m a passionate person. I have a lot of passion to put into things I love. Some days that can be serving coffees, most days it isn’t.

So I’m crawling back into this zone of comfort, where I feel most free and can be myself, business attire varying from minimal to no clothing and mostly colourful sparkles. My imagination running wild and I’m running with it. Excited to get back to the page and dance around, pen in hand, until a fabulous new book unfolds.

For every coffee I ever served, a word to the pages.

Watch this space.

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