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Festivals, frolics and other frivolities

Holy moly! Again, nearly a month has passed since I flipped open my laptop and wrote a good ol’ blog post. I’ve been all over the place and finally slowly but surely making my way down to the South Island. For every word I didn’t write the past weeks, I danced my ass off double time.

Splore Festival was an absolute glitter party of meeting a beautiful festival family, midnight skinny dips and dancing on soft sandy beaches. Gypsy caravans, hidden portals, bubbles and colours filled our days and nights at the most beautiful festival location I have ever seen!

Wow. What a treat to be free as can be, and surrounded by the sweetest of friends. A magical road trip to waterfalls and sunrise beach walks with Lali was a soothing break between festivals, as NZ Spirit Fest was waiting just around the corner. It was a different beast, that one. No alcohol or drugs, main focus on workshops and ecstatic dancing.

Even though I'm not hungover or feeling raw, I need a while to recover, as I soaked up allll the learning, meditation, breathwork, yoga, dance, dance, dance. I learned so incredibly much, I feel like hiding out in nature to let it all sink in.

So this is exactly what I’ve been doing: crazy festivalling, balanced out with peaceful camping trips in nature. I happily tagged along with my magical travel tribe, we set up our vans and buses far away from the hustle and bustle, down long winding gravel roads where caves and black sandy beaches asked for playful journeys of running around in wedding dresses, climbing, crawling, diving in salty waves, cooking feasts to celebrate life and wash off all the dust, sweat and lingering festival scents under the outdoor shower.

Back to life, back to reality! Or not? After all the frolics, flowers and hugs goodbye I found myself sitting in a cafe sipping coffees booking tickets to turn previous dreams into future actions. South Island, I’m on my way! South Africa, you’re next! Oh life, you are full of surprises, leaving me smiling all through the day and wide awake at night. This country is so bloody gorgeous, I feel like staying up so I can experience every single starry skied second that lasts me here.

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