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Love in the time of corona

Wild times we’re living in. Corona virus forcing us into quarantine, hibernation as a must. Isolate yourselves with a pile of books, fluffy blankets, home cooked meals and your loved ones. As autumn is slowly making its way into New Zealand, the need for cosiness doesn’t sound strange at all. I realise I live in a little bubble, far away from everything. All bars are open, shelves in shops are filled to the brim, no one is stressing out. Or so it seems.

To be honest the past days have been pure chaos in my head. Relying on media and social media, slowly driving me nuts and making me feel lower than low. The panic I’m not seeing in the streets of New Zealand, are alive and kicking whenever I check my phone. With flights getting cheaper by the minute, I was tempted to book a ticket to see my love in South Africa and leave right away.

I had to act fast, so I put my car up for sale, planned the journey for the day after and couldn’t think of a better way to get through this madness than quarantining within the four walls of his room in Cape Town, living on love and music and we would need nothing else. But to get from the New Zealand bubble to the South African bubble requires 30 hours of flying and countless stopovers. I know. In the chaos of it all, I’m still a dreamer.

Of course all plans of being together were washed down the drain as the virus continues to spread sickness and fear. So for the next months, I’ll be hibernating on the South Island, underneath autumn coloured trees, driving along mountain roads and swimming in icy cold rivers. Dedicating life to my love for written words as I am forced to continue living a long distance dream. It’s definitely not a dream, but it doesn’t feel like reality either when you can’t hold each other, feel his hands stroke my hair as I’m falling asleep, waking up and seeing myself in his eyes, kiss a billion times a day.

I wish everyone safety, health and lots of love in these strange times. Take care of yourselves and each other, even if that means your only communication is digital and your only hugs are with trees. We're all in this together. Time to let those creative juices flow.

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