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Lockdown day 19

After 19 days I’ve finally found myself in the rhythm I’m living in. My body adjusted, getting used to the sunrise cold all wrapped up in warm winter coats and as I just start to slip into a deeper sleep, the heat of day wakes me. As the sun climbs high and hits my car, I kick the blankets off, open all doors and windows of my tiny bedroom and sink back into a dreamful sleep.

Afternoons are for waking up bewilderedly, making the first of many cups of coffee, slow breakfast while reading poetry in the garden. Treating my soul gently as I spend all night in a packhouse, where soul is hard to find. Magic lives in the sunny hours before we get ready for work. When the house is filled with music, drenched in scents of nourishing meals and freshly ground coffee beans.

Imagination runs wild when the day only holds a few hours of play. The shower is a waterfall and the bath a hot pool, the garden a lounge with ocean views, the poems I read reflected in the lavender sunset sky. One morning we drove back from work, the sunrise set the sky on fire. We yelled out with awe, feeling that fiery energy in our bodies. There was no way we could go straight to sleep after that, so we indulged in salted buttered warm bread, red wine, cheese and giggles. 6 AM sunrise parties with the housemates after a long night of work, before falling into a sleep so deep it took me all the way into late afternoon.

Nights off get me confused, I’ll do anything to stay up until sunrise and keep riding that nightshift wave. Calling all friends, writing poems, making lists of all the things I want to do when my lover’s feet and mine share the same ground again. And I remind myself: it’s okay to dream big. We have no idea when we’ll get out of this lockdown/ quarantine/ longdistancelovin but all I know is, when we do… It will be the best feeling ever.

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