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Love nest

The past weeks have been pure bliss and excitement. Settling into my new love nest, loving it up in preparation for my man to arrive soon. Time to come home. After being in limbo in airports of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, spending two weeks in quarantine in an Auckland hotel, I want to provide him a place where he can rest his head and heart.

I never knew how much I needed this too. To move out of my van and into a room in a warm home. I’ve been craving space. Space to move around in, dance, light incense, read books until I fall asleep, write poetry until the sun comes up. The ultimate artist’s dates are coming true in this room of mine. Taking my artist within out to release all the built up inspiration. Boxes stacked to the ceiling full of ideas, words, projects and dreams. Finally, slowly, unpacking.

A place to treat myself to all the things I love. No time limit, no reasons asked, no need for anything. Doing only what my soul craves. Opening the curtains at 6 am to watch dark turn to light from under the blankets. Breakfast in bed and a room infused with the scent of freshly ground coffee beans. Collage the walls as a living mood board.

Late night ocean visits bringing sand home between my toes. It might be the lingering night shift jetlag, or the fact that I’ll be seeing my love in two days, but the nights stay sleepless. Watching every hour change into a new one, reading by candle light, eating chocolate in bed at 4 am. Listening to endless rain pouring making me feel all cosy inside imagining my man’s arms around me, the warmth of his body sending me off to dreamland.

I’ve been trying to visit dreamland intentionally for the past five months. Before dozing off always a sleepy voice message to and from South Africa: find me in your dreams. With a detailed map and directions on how and where the other will be waiting. Underneath the big tree. On top of that mountain. By the river. In a field of wildflowers.

I can’t wait to find all those dreamland places in the magical beauty of New Zealand and visit them together. Two more days and sleepless nights...

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