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Take you home

Oh, life! Such blissful, loving times with my man. Very grateful to be surrounded by and bathed in divine golden honey love, dripping from my lips and tongue.

I love this.

Writing under velvet blankets, Khruangbin playing soft songs against a grey winter afternoon background. Sunday grey seems perfect for late rises, love making, reading to each other on fluffy pillows, warming salty feet after beach walks in the rain.

You brought the sand in and the shells, shining a thousand splendid dreams of Arabian nights, long stretches until my toes curl and my legs go numb with pleasure.


You are pleasure in human form. You are all my favourite chocolates all at once. You are birds in trees, singing me up to a fresh new summer day. You are a bonfire bassline, a voice like waves on Taupo lake, deep breaths of desire, eyes sparkling with joy, biodegradable glitter on all of life as I knew it before you came around and brought your contagious bright smile, endless jokes, pastel skies.

I can’t even remember what life looks like underneath the delicious layer of pure magical loving chocolaty joy you spread wherever you go.

So incredibly happy to take you home.

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