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Procrastination Station

No! There are no reasons good enough to leave you unsatisfied during blog post reading hour. And for me to not touch a pen, paper or flip open my laptop and do this thing. Isn’t it interesting how sometimes (often) you procrastinate on doing what you love most? All of a sudden I felt the urge to clean out and organise the wardrobe and cupboards, sharpen all pencils before I would even allow myself to sit at that little desk and write.

By then it was nearly time for sunset so we grabbed the frisbee and headed to the beach, or there’s this book I’m reading, documentary I wanted to watch, hike we’ve been dreaming of doing, long overdue catch ups with friends. It’s too sunny to sit inside, too early, too late, I’ve had too many coffees, not enough, I’m not feeling inspired, what do I even have to tell the world?

I actually started reading The Artist’s Way again, because it inspired me to write like a maniac and publish my poetry book when I read it years ago. But as soon as I got into the first chapter, my housemate lent me a book on relationships and since I’m in a relationship and still figuring out how it all works, and the book owner is moving out in a week, I neglected The Artist’s Way and dove into Getting The Love You Want, A Guide For Couples’. Ha!

Welcome to the Procrastination Station.

While writing this I had a déjà vu, and travelled back to a post I wrote three years ago on living life as a procrastinator. I guess some things don’t change… But this time I want to figure out why I'm holding on to doing literally everything before I would sit down and write. Eventually days without ink inevitably lead to me getting cranky because I’m not filling up my cup.

Two different people on two different sides of the country read my cards and came up with the same thing: to live your fullest life, to solve your problems, to answer your questions, there is one thing you must do: write.

So, here we go! From now on, every Sunday on your favourite screen: a fresh new blog post by me. This procrastinator is putting deadlines on things, let's see if it works. :) Anyone have any tips, tricks, anti-procrastinate advice, hit me up!

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