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Are we being too hard on ourselves? And is it really a question when you already know the answer?

We’re all trying to do our best, to balance our wants and shoulds. We work long days, plan on making fresh healthy dinners and filling up our creative cup by taking courses or making art. But by the time you come home, you’re happy if you can stay awake until 9 PM. And the last thing on your mind is to spend another hour in the kitchen. Or give your brain a workout by studying or creating new things.

You also want to build a fulfilling relationship, enjoying togetherness while keeping your own independent life. Have a fabulous social circle and lots of fun events to dress up for. Keep your home cosy and spend quality time with your couch and plants. Get out as much as you can to bathe in forest light or salty ocean waves.

It is a lot.

And we try to fit it all in one week, sometimes even in one short day.

Next to all of that: finding satisfaction in your work while practicing mindfulness to not let stress and anxiety take over. Exercise to keep that temple healthy. Visit, or at the very least, call your family. Beat deadlines. Worry about visas running out. A second poetry book that has been sitting in the first stages for way too long. Another dream getting dusty. Another thing on the to do list. Work on your self love. Go out on a date. Stop and smell the flowers.

I’m not going to lie. I miss the time where all I had to do was smell the flowers. I also realise it is me who is putting all this pressure on myself. Sky high expectations only I can try and reach, but when I get close, new must do's will pop up.

It is important to have support handy. A dear friend, a furry pal, your family or partner. Or all of them. Because: we are all in this together. Don’t forget you’re not alone. We are here to help one another so let’s reach out and keep each other from drowning. If you feel like it’s all a bit too much sometimes, message me. I’ll happily be your flotation device.

Love, J

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