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A festival and a wedding: PART 2

The wedding

After the funtastic festival that left me buzzing with delight, it was time to get back home to Valencia and scrub up for the event of a lifetime: my wedding! Let's just say I didn’t expect to feel as fresh as I actually did. Two strong coffees and two quick naps (one still on the Benidom beach before getting in the blablacar home and one blissful siesta in my bed right before slipping into my wedding dress) did the trick. I was ready and so excited for what the night would bring.

I met up with my bride and soon-to-be-wife outside my house, and seeing each other for the first time in our wedding dresses was a magical moment. We seemed to be floating towards each other over the dirty pavements and hugged right by the garbage bins. So bloody romantic. We couldn’t stop giggling as we walked arm in arm to the restaurant where we were meeting up with friends for our wedding dinner. Arms coiled around each other and other arms carrying our huge long dresses. They would get dirty and trashed, but not yet. On the way, our friend bought us each a plastic flower as a wedding bouquet. We were ready.

We indulged in hugs, vermouth, laughter and orgasmic chocolate fondant during dinner and walked to the place where we were going to get married while singing wedding songs so loud we got neighbours sing along from their balconies. Ah, Radio City, the bar I used to spend many an Erasmus night in and would now sometimes visit for a Tuesday night flamenco show. Tonight, I would get married here to my Valencian bestie. We waltzed in with our big dresses and a trail of sweet friends carrying our trains until we reached the stage. I picked up the ridiculous amounts of fabric and danced wildly, like a woman about to get married does.

Our favourite Valencian funk band Ay Trick played an amazing set, leaving us all sweaty and happy. Until the moment arrived where the singer asked us on stage and the band started playing wedding songs. That’s when and where it happened: Kylee and I giving each other our I DO’s. The crowd cheered and we jumped off stage dancing with hearts full and high on love.

It had been exactly seven months since we met at a Discohike retreat (think yoga, meditation, concerts and parties) in a dreamy finca surrounded by orange trees. Live music brought us together and is still our love language. No week goes by without us dancing like maniacs or swaying away at a concert. The live music venues in Valencia are our second living rooms. So of course we had to celebrate our friendship and love at a concert.

The thing with weddings is: I love them. As I don’t know if I’ll ever get married ‘for real’ in this lifetime, I decided to get married many times and celebrate love as much as possible. Who doesn’t like to gather with friends for an epic love celebration? A wonderful wedding dinner, a beautiful ceremony surrounded by loved ones, dance party and of course a giant blob of whipped cream as a dress, I mean, why not?

The first time I got married was ten years ago in Australia with my first wife Gemma, and after some more fun weddings at festivals worldwide, I am so happy and grateful to be married to Kylee. An absolute wonderwoman who I’ve been sharing my Valencian chapter with as close as humanly possible. The first person I call in good or difficult times, the friend who is always up for an adventure and a catch-up, my concert and dancing buddy and now, my wifey.

Thank you @Philamonjaro for the beautiful picture!

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