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A poem for past us

Two years we

roamed this earth together

you and I from

lands far apart

finding each other

at the end of the world

just as it stopped

turning locking people up

the whole globe a prison cell

I had to love you

through a screen

for five months we

didn’t know if we would ever

see the other again yet

you seemed to slip through

the maze wearing an invisible

cape you travelled for days

on buses and planes

waved goodbye to SA

in New Zealand you would stay

for the entire duration of


there was no other place

our hearts could collide

not through screens, in real life

we lived real lives

while the world was on fire

dancing at night

we held the lighters

to fuel the flames inside us

as above so below

what the world was brewing up

couldn’t be contained in the two of us

we let the river wash away

what was left of the flame

kissing each other goodbye

knowing we would never be the same

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