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Do you know that feeling when you get to live your passion? And when that passion ignites another flame of yours? That’s when the fire is full on blown on by a force so strong it can melt an entire city, set it alight all through the day all through the night. What I am trying to say is: I’m a passionate woman. Many things set me on fire. From dancing to writing to travelling to friendships to late night conversations to love to music to stories and so much more. How when a thing called work falls away and summer is fresh, the air sweet with the scent of adventure, I move towards the things that make me feel alive.

Like a child choosing a game to play, I wake up and choose what passion to dive into first. To watch the sun come up or sleep in. Where shall I dance tonight and who will I write a love letter to? What can I learn today and what can I give? Travelling opens up the freedom I’ve been longing for to get the creative juices flowing, to fill my cup with inspiration. And sometimes: to do nothing but read a book for three days straight.

Still it’s not always easy to allow myself these frivolities, even though I enjoy them so much. Taking my artist or inner child out on dates. Teasing the senses, tasting new flavours. Following the path of the curious, without expecting a destination. During my travels this is what I often find myself doing: melting into moments until they turn into days.

I thought I would travel all around New Zealand, seeing all the sights and doing all the hikes. Instead I linger longer in one place, drinking coffees and talking to strangers, calling faraway friends for hours on end, taking my sweet time to do everything nice and slow. Cooking for people I love, creating little rituals along the way to make me feel at home wherever I go. And after every getaway, I drive back to the place I call my NZ home, where friends fuel my flame like nothing else and where I fall into the familiar warmth of my lover’s arms.

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