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Belgian holidays

Hello wide awake heart beating to the rhythm of caffeine! It’s evening and I’m dipping speculaas (I refuse to call it biscoff) in my coffee in an attempt to start the day a second time. It’s Fallas, the craziest, loudest, busiest time of year in Valencia. One of the biggest street festivals in Europe is happening right outside of my door and I’ll join in soon… But for now I’m drinking in Ella Fitzgeralds voice trying to ignore the petardos outside. It’s all about balance. I love savouring the little peace and quiet I can get being in my cosy bubble inside before dressing up, earplugging up and surrendering to the waves of crowds following the bright lights, colourful statues and loud music.


I want to tell you about my recent holiday in Belgium. A sense of perpetual vacation floated in the air, I’m telling ya. It was not just a trip, visit, childhood recollection, no. A full blown holiday, baby. I feel so rejuvenated and happy, all batteries full and heart overflowing after spending some time in the home land. My soul had a hunger for walks through memory lane, putting on my Dora the Explorer pants and go and discover new places, to have long lunches with friends, afternoon cinema sessions, reading books in a bubbly bathtub, epic concerts, nights of dance. And the soul was fed, hallelujah!


I was blessed with a whole lot of Belgian sun in my eyes, which made me instantly happy since I wasn’t expecting any of that summery (springy) goodness. I revelled in the rays beaming from my favourite humans’ faces. Welcoming the mornings with coffee and flea market strolls, the evenings expensive wine in old bars. I just don’t remember Belgium being that much FUN. But it was! It is! When enjoyed in small doses, it is a delight. Ah, I love the living in Spain and holidaying in Belgium balance.

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