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Birthing a book

It’s been a while oh yes indeed! Making my way from festival to festival, camping on beaches, visiting friends, road tripping soaking up this NZ summer. And along the way: slowly birthing a new book. Or warming up the oven at this stage, ready for the poems and illustrations to bake into a book of daydreams.

A year of collecting poems, long distance talks with my incredibly talented cousin Stina who makes my poetry come to life with her drawing pencil. Living life but always in the back of my mind: that dream to turn words into tangible things. Pages you can flip, poems to ponder on, losing yourself in illustrations. Escape from reality for as long as you want. Or feel inspired and plant feet fiercely on the ground, get your hands dirty, move your body, do what feels good.

It’s exciting to mold what was once a mutual dreamy thought into something you can hold. Smell the love that is poured into every page. Like bunting poems have been hanging on walls around me, telling a story, taking me back on travels of the world and heart. It’s been a wonderful journey. As we’re taking the final steps to bring this book to life in early Belgian spring, I invite you to share in the celebration of one season softly changing into the next.

In my homeland that means a frosty winter welcoming a watery sun, enough to close your eyes and feel the gentle warmth blushing your cheeks. In New Zealand: a later sunrise, an earlier night. Some rainy days to relief nature and make me slow down from high summer energy to a cosier fluffier mood.

Indulge in the now.



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