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Blood on the dance floor

When you’re all out of chocolate but Young Fathers' Cocoa Sugar is blasting through the living room and the windows vibrate and the people in the street are dancing because it’s a good good day. You know. When you’ve been rolling around your bed holding on for dear life to every pillow in sight because your womb is doing its magical thing where you’re bleeding all over the place. That. And the neighbour’s dog starts barking in the middle of the night and the alarm goes off. My screen a black mirror of the tiniest eyes I’ve ever seen.

True, I shouldn’t have been drinking and maybe a night in would have been a better idea. But I regret nothing and the hot shower this morning might have been too long for some but my body agreed and my womb even calmed down for a sweet second. On the way to work I saw at least eight people wearing sunglasses yet it was grey and I was feeling all cosy under my jacket and umbrella. So something was definitely off but my only thought was that we were all sharing the early morning tiny eyes and that’s fine.

At work I entered my bubble of riding a wave of productivity by playing my endless playlist on shuffle and what came out was absolute brilliance. It’s my playlist so no surprise there, but this song came on and I was like yes and my womb was like yes and my period undies were like YES. I love my bleed when I’m feeling great.

It inspired me to pump up the jam and on my way home I danced to this epicness. I stuffed my face with leftover pasta, sank deep into the comfort of my couch, called my best friend, made roller skate date plans and a cuppa tea. Ahh. I facetimed my granny and had a jolly fun time feeling great all over the place.

Then my parents sent me a picture of them in the airport: surprise! They are on their way to Valencia! If I had plans tonight? Just yin yoga and melting into my pillow fort of a bed. Dinner reservations and weekend activities, let’s go! I hope they're bringing Belgian chocolates because I’m all out and any menstruating creature knows the cravings I'm talking about.

I played some records, dancing on my socks and then! Young Fathers announced their new album and upcoming tour and I don’t think a human being can get any happier than me in this very moment.

Love and kisses from the hormonal playground that is moi!

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