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Blue Monday Magic

If - like me - you are one of those nostalgic souls who easily catch a bad case of the winter blues, today could be especially gloomy. It’s January, it’s winter, it’s Monday and today is a day characterised as the most depressing day of the year. Welcome to Blue Monday. When living in a cold, grey country this is usually the time of year I’m starting to feel like forever living in my peignoir and never ever leaving the cloudy soft haze of my bed.

Now I'm calling Spain my home, I haven’t been suffering from winter blues like I usually do. The weather is my mood. That’s probably why it was so hard to acclimatise to Belgium. I spent the last decade pretty much following summer around the world. Occasionally, I would find myself in a cold, snowy, rainy situation for months on end - in what we would call: winter. The only remedy that has helped me get through these seasons of darkness is psychedelic microdosing.

Microdosing mushrooms gets me out of my head and into the present moment. When I was living in Canada, I would take them with my coffee in the morning, head out for a walk in the forest and then go to work. I was able to be perfectly productive and clear-headed while feeling an incredible change in my mood and mental state. Since then, I’m a huge fan of this natural medicine. Maybe it’s not for everyone. But then again, nothing is. Even though I believe this plant medicine has something to offer for anyone open to the experience.

It has helped me deal with anxiety, dark thoughts and that seemingly endless grey season in my mind called winter blues. I have decided to dedicate this year to more psychedelic ventures, which has already resulted in a trippy artist date and a weekend of mind-expanding and connecting nature time. Just a tip on how to turn your Blue Monday into a multicoloured one!

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