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Book thief

You did the best that you knew at the time. At the time of smashing my window, breaking into my little old granny car. Noticing the cardboard box in the back contains nothing that tickles your fancy, just a bunch of copies of self-published poetry books. On the passenger seat you do find something that’s more your cuppa tea, in line with where you want to go in life: ‘Unlimited power: a new science of personal achievement”, a self-help book by Tony Robbins. Guess you needed it.

You needed my car too. But too bad. You couldn’t get it to start. A personal goal yet to achieve? Easy enough to smash a window and rummage through stuff that doesn’t belong to you (yet). But to actually start the damn car with a screwdriver… A bit harder than expected.

So you gave up. Leaving nothing, not even fingerprints for me to find you and give you some book recommendations, seeing you’re into the genre of self-help and self-love. Soul nourishing pep talk to unleash that power within! To be that best version of yourself, and grow to be a better person every day. Good on you. Mama must be proud. And worried. Because where has her kid gone all night? Coming home with blooded knuckles. Let her kiss the wounds and tape them shut.

I’ll bring you some extra plasters, just in case. Oh yes, and of course: a key. One magical key to open all four doors of my car. Plus it starts the motor in just one click! So much easier than fighting the igniton with the wrong tool. It could have been a lot easier for you, if only you would have asked politely.

I would have given you a polite no and a book to better your life.

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