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Celebrating van life

Oh what a joyous whirlwind life has been these past weeks! Of dinner parties and Christmas parties and a holiday that felt like one beautiful two week long party. We moved into our vans full time now, sleeping and cooking in his, storing allllll my books and glitter dresses in mine. Taking my lover’s home on wheels on a road trip to celebrate life in any and every shape possible. We camped on beaches, hearing the waves all the way into our dreams. Boil the kettle, infuse this yawning van with the scent of coffee. Steaming cup in hand, we run and spill coffee clothes naked body into the ocean. Wash the night off under salty water.

Like children in a secret garden, we explored a part of New Zealand we had only imagined in our dreams. Black sandy beaches lined by rocky caves, stardust flying high in strong winds. The west coast with her loud waves, cliffs, brave fishermen. The sunsets blew me away night after night, deep inhales as I stretched to greet the end of the day. We put on fluffy socks and cooked dahl in the tiny kitchen, lit candles and read to each other until our eyes felt heavy.

How I needed this journey to bask in loving freedom. To emerge from my cocoon like a butterfly dancing on wildflowers. Indulging in the little moments. Bathing in sunlight on silky rocks, feeling the water waltz in under me. Finding treasures in simplicity. Living in a van is living outside. Following the rhythm of nature. Up with the sun, down with the moon. Practising gratitude every day. Creating rituals. Loving it all.

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