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Celebration upon celebration

Oooh baby! All the goods, all the time! That’s my state of mind and heart ever since I left the night shift side of life. Celebration upon celebration awaited and arrived in every possible shape. Slowly cooking delish dinners to be savoured with loved ones. Long beach walks in the afternoon, being serenaded by a saxophone player as the sun sets. Cinema dates with my love, all dressed up in glitters and bubbles. Practising yoga every day as a part of my new self love/ soul fluff routine.

Daytime hot baths while reading my book, catch ups with friends, second hand treasures, dress ups every morning. To celebrate my 32nd year on this planet, I invited my sweet New Zealand famalam for a Sunday afternoon gathering combining all the things I love: friends, food, drinks, music and fancy dresses. There was singing and jamming, a cake and dancing. We sat around a table filled with all the most amazing yummy stuff you have ever seen and told each other stories until dark.

That day left me feeling so high on life, I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face. The next morning my love woke me up: pack your bag, I’m taking you on an adventure! We hopped in the van for a three day journey of looooove. A beautiful bush walk started our trip off right, with me slipping in the river soaking my boots close to the end of the hike. Barefoot in the rain, dancing with the trees. Freezing feet and twinkling eyes as we got back to the van soaking wet, finding all the fluffiest clothes to wear, warming ourselves to the thermos of coffee we made for this exact situation. Ahhh.

Less than an hour later we arrived in Bowentown, my ultimate favourite getaway beach town where I can just envision myself as a true granny living my best life walking that long stretch of beach up and down up and down, waving at skinny dipping hippies. We got to our airbnb which was an absolute dream of luxury with velvet and fluff and all the kitchy things in the world combined. I loved it. We showered outside under the stars, I put on my golden dress as we toasted to these heavenly days and nights. We watched the clouds float around the full moon and drank red wine until our hearts overflowed.

The next day was filled with just as much bliss, as we slowly moved out of our little love nest and into the van. The sun came out as we took our picnic basket to the beach. What would we do next? All of a sudden we have time, so much time, to be exactly who we want to be and do exactly what we want to do. So of course we took off our clothes for a wintry dip in the ocean, warming our bodies running after the frisbee and building a big beach mandala. Letting the child within free to play all day, get really sandy and salty.

As the sun set we snuggled up in the van, eating steaming bowls of soup while reading to each other from Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. I’m telling you now, one week later my heart is still melting thinking of the special time spent together with my love and sweet friends. What a dream we’re living in.

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Mourad Baaiz
Mourad Baaiz


sorry dat ik je niks stuurde op je verjaardag! ai papiiii ben daar niet zo goed in, en facebook heeft het me ni verteld omdat ik geen facebook heb... maar dan nu: een late verjaardag gewenst van mij! hiep hiep hiep! wat geweldig wat je daar allemaal doet. klinkt zo vrij en licht en fijn en tof en wild! ik wens je nog veel van zulke momenten liefie! ben blij dat je meer tijd hebt voor jezelf en om leuke dingen te doen. ook zo fijn dat je je verjaardag zo tof kon vieren! heel veel liefs van mij. i love you!!!!

x babyboy

Joke De Roeck
Joke De Roeck

Bay bee boooooiiii!

Bedankt voor je lieve berichtje Mouri! Love you long time baby! xxxx

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