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Changing it up

I guess it had to happen. Something had to happen to kick my butt out of the most uncomfortably comfortable routine life I found myself in. Like in the book and movie ‘Chocolat’, the nomadic spirit of Vianne felt like moving every time the north wind blew through her life. Vianne is me! The winds of change have a very palpable form in my case. That of a second attempt to steal my car in two weeks time. My first reaction when I saw the broken glass on the street again: ciao, I’m out.

I looked up flights to Belgium before I even called the cops and insurance. My way of dealing with problems: escape! Fly! To the other side of the world! I didn’t end up booking a ticket, but I did make the move I’ve been wanting to make for a while: out of this house. Which was followed by quitting my job. As I was questioning every single thing in life, Hanno and I questioned our relationship. Where is this eventually going? We thought we could live off love only, but future dreams grew to be gigantic elephants standing in our way wherever we wanted to go.

Spring is softly starting here in New Zealand and it makes me want to go out fluttering with the butterflies, really explore this gorgeous country before I embark on the journey of a new chapter: home sweet home. I’m not planning on coming back to Belgium in winter, rather when the sun starts to come out in that tiny rainy country.

I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m in the middle of huge life changes. It excites me as much as it makes me sad. All I know is Hanno and I are planning on enjoying our time together in New Zealand while it lasts. A summer of adventures on the south island, living in the van, road trips and camping. With a silent meditation retreat in there somewhere. The healing needs to happen and it will. Together and alone, in NZ and in Belgium. Wherever I go, I take it with me. All the lessons learned, all the love, the beautiful friendships made, the experiences, the growth. Here for it all.

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