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Chez Jay dreaminess

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

After the retreat I soaked in a warm bath of friendship and saying YES to every possible event happening in this fresh start of NZ summer. Long sunfilled days on the beach to celebrate the birthday of one of my favourite humans on the planet. Playing games and picking oracle cards. Ocean dips and crisp salty skin. An evening of cooking up a steaming bowl of pasta with extra cheese, watching the full moon rise from the cosiest place in the country. Chez Jay, where pretty much everything oozes with love and the kettle is ever boiling, rosé ever pouring.

The incredible 1001 Arabian nights inspired paradise created by the fabulous Jay set the mood for what would be a delicious evening of poetry and music. Hanno singing, me sharing some poems, surrounded by cuddling friends sprawled out on bean bags and velvet couches. Heaven on earth pretty much. Wine and sweet words flowed and I got emotional realising nothing is forever and every moment is fleeting, evaporating into our mind to become nothing but a sweet memory.

That’s why I try to write down as much as possible, of feelings felt and experiences lived. To create some kind of tangible proof. The sun has been out every day and the Belgian part of me just can’t stay inside, brainwashed into thinking sunny moments never last long. That’s what life in Belgium taught me anyway. So I’ve been jotting down words in journals on the beach, and finally on this gloomy Monday morning they are finding their way to my blog.

I’ve been wanting to write about the canoe trip we did, where I lost my voice after four days of screaming on every rapid and laughing with joy. Seven canoes filled with the finest friends floating down the river camping under a million stars. Four days of no roads no cars no phone nothing but yummy natural beauty.

Or hopping on a raft in the dark to visit shimmering glow worms under the white light of the moon. Camping next to hot pools for the ultimate early morning soak and slow start of the day. I’ve been loving my slow mornings lately. Ever since I quit my job and my alarm automatically resigned to do its thing at 5 AM, I am in dream heaven. Waking up one eye open to see where we are, where did we park the van last night, rolling over for morning cuddles then fall back into dream land.

There is time for naps, for coffee and meditations on the beach, for ocean swims and then letting the days unfold. Beautiful adventures arise when there is nothing but time and sunshine.

Gorgeous snaps by the fabulous Kendra Eden Photography

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