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Core festival: hasta nunca baby

Core Festival. What the hell are you? Not the love child of Rock Werchter and Tomorrowland, as we all expected. Maybe the morning after result of a one night stand between two of the most renowned festivals in the world. No love making there, more a quick fix. No? Come on. You've organised festivals before. Both of you.

You know arriving and walking through those gates should be exciting and thrilling! Like what the flip is going to happen to me! Where am I? Is this heaven? Yet, you shut us up right away by making us wait in line for an hour straight just to put money on our wristbands. Are we living in the nineties? Not that I have any clue what festivals did back then since I was a little child but I'm sure this waiting in line for a million years thing is a relic from the past.

Core is a boutique festival and boutique is an expensive word. It turns all your drinks into liquid gold, making you pay ten euros for a glass of rose. Darling. Chill out. We are in Belgium, not Iceland. Easy on the crazy ass prices. Your website got me all excited when I read about the "exquisite food experience" that was awaiting me. Girl please. I paid 14 euros for a fucking sandwich.

I see what you did there. You're all about the "raw beauty of nature's surroundings" and even though I know you're talking about a park in Brussels, I still expected some kind of garden of Eden. Tomorrowland, you are the king of psychedelic decorations! Where were you? I don't know. I guess I was missing the magic I usually feel when I'm exploring festival grounds as if I were Alice in Wonderland. I was very much Alice going in circles in between four stages and not finding any frivolous side entertainment or spontaneous ridiculousness. You know, what festivals are all about.

I live for celebrations, so after spitting out my thoughts on the bad organisation and high expectations that were never met (not even close), I am here to celebrate the goodness Core brought to my life. Delicious music, baby! Si o si! I danced a lot a lot, discovered awesome new (to me) artists and golden oldies that I will forever love. My friends all glittered up and READY to party in the city that brought us together so many years ago. There's nothing quite like dancing with my favourite humans in my beloved Brussels. For that, I will spend hours waiting in line and stacks of dollar bills any day.

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