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Daily stardust

Is the festival dust still settling? Am I seeing the world through kaleidoscopic glasses? Am I falling in love with Valencia more and more? All of the above, baby. And drugs have nothing to do with it. It’s best described as a deliciously gooey combination of sweet friends, good conversations, dreamy siestas, hot n sweaty nights, lots of live music and dancing wildly. Pretty much my favourite things in life, all at the same time!

It is true I am still recovering from Nowhere, taking things really nice and slow. While the heat of day is urging me inside, I spend afternoons in bed writing, reading and daydreaming. In the evenings when it has cooled down a little bit (37 degrees instead of 40), the day can finally really start. I’m still finding my way in this hot summer rhythm.

The heat has been getting to my head, and I have been enjoying the drowsiness. Everything seems to be happening in slow motion. We are all in it together, sweating as a nation. Psychedelic music playing songs of distant ideas. I doze off scribbling down nostalgic words and shimmering memories reflected in a glass of water. Dreams and reality all rolled into one. I’m on the phone with faraway friends. I buy too many plants. Sometimes I just stick my hands in the earth of a flowerpot to pretend I have a garden.

Every day I pass two accordion players who yell buenos días while I simultaneously yell buenos días. One on the way to work, one in the tunnel on the way home from work. We are now in each others lives and I have a feeling we’re here to stay for at least a while. It’s the first time in years maybe I feel like staying somewhere for at least a while. Got my morning pages on the balcony, my Monday to Friday job, my evening plans, crew of friends, weekend gigs, musicians in my bed.

They know us at our favourite club, at the hipster café in the park, at the place where the old darling lady serves us cheap wine and green olives. I know where to take visitors for marvels. I don’t have to look at google maps anymore to get wonderfully lost yet always find my way home. I know where the vintage treasures are and date night bars with candlelight and velvet couches. I can go into Mercadona with my eyes closed and it doesn't matter what I buy the lady at the cash register always calls me mi amor. That’s why I keep going back.

I still haven’t found a way to carry my bike two stories up to my apartment without turning purple. The skates I bought months ago are staring at me from the corner of my eye wherever I go. I use books as procrastination for pretty much everything. I have a brand new second hand wedding dress in my wardrobe waiting to be used for a beach ceremony. I discovered naked yoga. The neighbours discovered it too. I’m trying to look into the future but I can’t see past today. I'm feeling settled down yet forever new wearing travelers eyes in this beautiful city I call home.

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