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Disco hiking

After weeks of vacationing in the sunny rays of Valencian deliciousness, it was time for something a little different. I had been savouring all the tapas, paellas, postres, vinos y cafe bombon a girl can dream of. I had been siestaing. I had been citygirling all over town, out dancing on random week nights, riding my bike home to the song of early birds. It’s been good. But it had to stop or I would have to roll my patata brava body down the streets.

With the city getting busier by the second with excited Fallas fans and me living right in the middle of the action, I started dreaming of some peace and quiet. I had to get away. My body longed to move and my brains needed a break from the non-stop firecrackers. Off I went, to the mountains!

I’m not one to just go on a nature adventure by myself as I will 100% get lost. Not having any sense of direction runs in the family. Also, it’s way more fun hiking together. Inhaling that healthy mountain air as a team and sweatily climbing to the mountain peak while getting hangry as a team. There are people organising group hikes around here so I thought VAMOS.

I wouldn’t sign up for just any random hike, no no no. I decided to go on my very first Disco Hike, which combines two of my favourite things in life: frolicking around in nature and live music. Yes you read that right. A musician joins us for an intimate acoustic concert on the mountain top! Carrying instruments all the way up there and singing their hearts out while I'm still panting like a dog from the climb.

I hear you wondering: can I join? Yes, of course you can! Just move to Valencia and give up your lazy Sundays forever.

So worth it.

(This week's musician was the fabulous Flora Cwirko, check her out!)

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