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Enchanted holiday

So we went on an enchanted holiday. Magical as time tricked us into believing we went somewhere far and foreign for a week or two. In reality we drove a couple of hours for a weekend getaway. To the beautiful Coromandel, with a sleepover stop in our favourite Bowentown. We didn’t have to go far but life was just so different, so opposite to the week that had just passed where work was hard and hours eterneties.

Coming home exhausted and drained, like my mood needed a stretch with my back and legs. Yoga for mental wellbeing, but too tired to actually do it so I just hid my brain in books. Eyes focused inwards, where the story is playing like a movie. Sit back and relax. Escapism to the max. My skin didn’t catch one ray of sunlight this entire week. So on the first day of our two-day holiday I rose to watch the sun rise over the ocean. We took off our clothes and ran in like our bodies were madly thirsty for salt water.

After a lazy long breakfast on the beach, feeling the sand heating up under our feet, we hopped in the van. Gorgeous autumn colours surrounded the road to Thames and we felt fresh and happy when we arrived in the midst of street festivities. We dressed up in silver dress and fancy jacket, I put on big dangly plastic diamond earrings that were so heavy and long they rested on my shoulders. To top it off, I bought a tiny glitter hat and was absolutely fabulously ready to roll.

Why did we put on our fanciest garments, you ask? Just because! And also: because we attended the steampunk festival and had no outfits. So we wore whatever tickled our fancies and blended in perfectly. It was a sunny day, perfect for a celebration. Colourful dresses, corsets, masks and phenomenal hats with humans in them roamed the streets in jolly delight. Live music making people twirl their skirts and cheer their beers. We joined in and for a while we forgot there was a world outside.

Happy and tipsy we arrived at our bed and breakfast, finding in grand surprise, like the cherry on top, that there was a spa. A hot bubbling bath in outside green, surrounded by trees and flowers. We stayed in until we turned into raisins and all was sweeter than sweet. The next morning we awoke in bird song paradise. Wondering and wandering the lush forest paths leading to the mushroom house of a fairy family. Smiles all the way home where our very own fairy family awaited us in our caravan shaped home.

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