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Floating days and Death Cafes

It’s been a week of floating on fuzzy clouds, so high up hardly ever coming down. In the midst of poetry and friends warming my heart, I’ve been feeding my soul all the good stuff. New connections as fertile grounds for exciting ideas to sprout. Yin yoga meditations, stretches so deep I forgot where and who I was. Nights out on the beach watching that big red ball of a moon rise out of the ocean while being wined and dined under the stars. Or hiding away in concert halls, soft kisses in between ecstatic dancing and headbanging.

I started the week feeling like a tourist again, gallivanting around the streets of Valencia with a sweet friend. A new pair of eyes eager to see the city’s beauty. We tried all the cliché drinks like cremaet and agua de Valencia and ended up smiling like only people who are newly in love with a city smile above a big steaming Chinatown hot pot.

That was only Monday and set the vibe for the rest of the week. Days were jam packed with fun stuff, high on energy until late at night. Tiny eyes at work but I blame Spain and her rhythm. Then Friday came around and I realised I had no plans for the weekend. A shiver of excitement running down my spine: play time!

Nothing more delicious than days and nights open and free to fill up with spontaneous adventures. Even though the FOMO can creep up on me when I find myself at home on a Friday or Saturday night, I do love having space and time for the mind to wander. Often these are the moments where dots connect and ideas begin to take shape. It is something in the staring-out that enables us to do the looking-in, I’ve read somewhere and it resonated big time. That’s why I honour my free time so much and swiftly turn FOMO into JOMO (the Joy Of Missing Out).

Last night a new friend - and fellow death doula to be - and I met up to brainstorm on organising a (English speaking) Death Café in Valencia. Getting together and talking about death while having a drink, I mean yes or yes?! The brainstorm ignited me and at home I started reading more about it, picking up old books and journal scribbles.

I fell asleep in a bed full of books, making for the sweetest of dreams. I woke up early this Sunday morning thinking how my intention for the day is to do pay attention to soulful ways of living. Ten minutes later I was on the phone with Hanno all the way in New Zealand, talking and laughing for hours, having coffee under the blanket thinking what a sweet life this is.

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