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Freddie Mercury retrograde

Do you feel it too? How the world is turning, making my head spin, waking me up with a migraine and a hangover the size of a planet retrograding into nothingness? As I crawled my way to the closest place serving strong coffee in the tepid winter sun, my mood and self worth got some sun rays on their faces too when a friend told me Mercury retrograde has just started. So things are supposed to be confusing and weird apparently. I love having planets to blame for my mood and hangovers.

Of course I had to read up a bit more on this Mercury retrograde and uncle Google told me it is known as a time period in which things go wrong. Okay. To brace myself for this confusing state of mind I already found myself in, I decided to stock up on chocolate, wine and wear a Mercury retrograde protection outfit of sublime glitter dress. Bring it on, baby! Or Freddie Mercury retrograde, as we are now glitterifying our lives to deal with whatever the planets are up to.

On top of this, there is a full moon brightening our skies tonight, driving us werewolf crazy and bringing out the weird in all of us. No sleep for the wicked! And if a Mercury retrograde and a full moon isn’t enough to keep you on your toes, how about a Blue Monday to top it all off? Today, January 17 is known as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Okay, darlings? Are you ready for all this goodness? Light a candle, run a bath, pour a glass of wine, play your favourite record, dive into a good book, lick the chocolate off your fingers and soak up all the yummy cosiness... Because this shit is about to get wild!

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