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Full moon

Reading Gil Scott-Heron poems

eating leftover pasta in bed

red wine in a teacup

5 AM and I’m still up

the late hours is where the magic happens

the teaching

unlearning everything I learned before

get rid of it out the door

I had to run to the ocean shore

stand knee deep in the water

howling at the full moon above

dancing for her

a wild dance leaving me

taking my breath with her

movement to awaken my body

push out the last lockdown dust

shake me to the core

I’ve been escaping into my dream world

but not anymore

I wrote this poem 18 full moons ago, on my first night in a new home in Mount Maunganui. I just finished working nightshifts and my rhythm was still all over the place. The moon, ocean and Gil Scott-Heron inspired me to go out and dance and write. You can find this poem and many many others alongside gorgeous illustrations in our book 'Poison Ivy'.

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