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Full moon brain stew

I’ve been wanting to write about my visit to Belgium since coming back home to Valencia a week ago. But I couldn’t. Because this heatwave is making my brains boil over into a hot mess and that’s exactly what I look and feel like. A bloody hot mess. Since stepping off the plane in my fuzzy sweater and instantly getting drenched in my own sweat as the sexy Valencian humidity hit me in the face. Welcome back, baby.

I kinda forgot how nice it is to wear a jacket sometimes, feeling a slight breeze that gives you goosebumps. In Belgium I was biking at night wishing I brought my gloves, here I’m sweating while riding home at 4 am. Hey I’m not complaining, absolutely not. I don’t mind going for swims, shady breaks, 8 showers a day just to cool down and stop my face from going purple. It’s what it does to my brain that bothers me most.

As if I’m in a constant state of confusion, of full moons and periods and probably that’s exactly what it is but I’m sure the heat doesn’t help. I mean I just spent the last 2,5 hours reading every amazon review ever written about Brita water filters. To then eventually buy the most expensive ones and regretting it as soon as I pressed pay. The kinda bubbly brain stew that makes me leave the house with my flip phone to get a new sim card (yeah, fuck you technology! The granny in me was ecstatic at the thought of no more social media, no more wasting hours scrolling into nothingness!) and coming back with a brand new smart phone.

But so, before Spanish temperatures fried my brain, I got to enjoy some cooler times in my homeland. And I must say Belgium has been quite the delight. I don’t recall ever loving going to visit good old tiny Belgium this much. Longing for it all: dancing with friends hugging family dinner dates a festival thrown in there a tattoo why not and the reason I booked flights to Brussels in the first place: Patti Smith.

A concert by the goddess herself in one of the most beautiful venues. Tickets were for sale last year when I was still living in New Zealand. I got excited and my parents got an extra ticket just in case I would find my way back to my roots before June.

I sure did! With a little detour to Spain but nonetheless I got there and Patti did too. She made us all scream, sing, dance, cry , burst with love and faith in humanity. Because the night belongs to lovers and people have the power and when I look up at that big rising moon I know it to be true.

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