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I am slowly turning into a little house witch. Living in one place, no crazy big stories to tell. In case you were wondering why it has been so bloody long since I wrote something on this blog. I’ve just been busy reading books on my balcony in the sunshine, making kombucha, growing mushrooms, lettuce, herbs, flowers, avocado trees. Writing a lot. A poem a day and morning pages that seem to take me straight through to lunchtime. I’m still biting my nails and drinking coffee till I tremble.

I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, blaming the coffee and the tiny worries on my mind spiralling out of proportion. Anyone else have a mind that is wide awake when it’s supposed to rest? Ideas, worries, poems, they all come to me in the dark of night. Preferably around 4 am, keeping me wide awake until the morning light.

I miss Joke the traveller. I've been thinking about her a lot lately. The more I stay in one place, the more my mind brings back memories of the other part of me who always longs to be on the move. Times when I was a clove cigarette-smoking, sarong-wearing nomad in search of a purpose. Going from one festival to another, island hopping, trying out different countries, languages, cultures, food and adventures.

When I remember me as a travelling hippie, I imagine myself most of the time just happily floating around in something like a Valium haze. Living day to day, hitch hiking not knowing where or what the day might bring me. I would always have my tent or car to camp in. Being so free meant I was more open to anything that would cross my path.

Which definitely meant I have been in a few sticky situations, but hey! Nothing bad ever actually happened when I put my trust out there. Standing on the side of the road somewhere in Australia and Indonesia looking up at the sky manifesting a safe, good ride. Pitching my tent somewhere on a beach in the dunes or bushes, imagining it to be a bubble of protection around me. Call it magic or whatever you want, but I believe it worked!

Apart from memories of travels wandering through my mind on slow mornings in the city, I have boxes of journals and notebooks filled with tales and poems written along the way. Words creating tangible places, feelings, experiences. And of course, the best part of it all: the people. These incredible friends I have met around the world, who crawled their ways into my heart forever.

How epic to live in a place people want to come and visit! Belgian friends craving sun while Belgium is offering mostly rain. Kiwi friends on a Euro trip, European friends on a road trip. Spain is just such a lovely place to be. I am excited to be exploring more of this big and beautiful country soon! Faraway travel plans have made room for the Camino, festivals in the desert and on the beach. Little getaways with my love and holidays with soul friends. Maybe staying in one place isn’t that bad after all.

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