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Ibiza dreaming

Certain things run through your life like a red thread. Connecting dots of past, present and future in a way you never thought possible. Sometimes that red thread can be a place, an event, an activity, an object or a person. Rosie is one of those red threads in my life. An enchanting friend who will forever connect me back to 23-year old me travelling around Australia, running free feeling like a wild child. Anything and everything was possible.

We met about ten years ago in the land down under and journeyed to places best described as pure magic with a group of friends so sweet we named ourselves la familia. We pitched our tents in lush rainforests, collecting coconuts and catching fish for dinner. Bathing under waterfalls, diving in rushing waves watching the sunrise over the ocean. Dumpster diving, table diving, eating like kings and queens for zero dollars.

Festivals! Another one of the red threads that connect us worldwide. We stomped the dust and ran with the fairies at festivals in Australia, Thailand and Portugal. Rosie visited me when I lived in Brussels and we bumped into each other at a Californian weed farm and at the airport in Bangkok. Now we live a 30-minute flight away from each other. So last weekend I went to Ibiza for some long awaited catch-ups.

What a dream to bask in this goddess’ energy! We shared stories for three days straight in other-worldly places. Rosie took me all around her home island, showing me the lushest skinny dip spots. I fell in love with the crystal clear blue water and sense of freedom that seems to be floating around in the air. I nearly forgot how divine it is to be naked all day, to swim in the nude and feel the sun on every inch of skin.

We met a poetry busker at the market, writing poems on the go. Friends creating jewelry right then and there, herbal mavens selling natural skin care. So many talented people letting their creative juices flow, sharing their art with the world. I got back home to Valencia feeling rejuvenated, fresh and full of inspiration. Stories, magic, poetry, salt water healing and travel friends as red threads all throughout my life.

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