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Jackie of all trades

Hello autumn, you season of cosiness. The change of season is always an excellent time to start a new chapter, I believe. September and autumn have a serious ring to it like: vacation’s over, hide your flower dresses in the back of the wardrobe, no more being topless all the time, wear appropriate attire and put your head back on your shoulders. Adios to getting high on afternoons filled with freedom, dance at festivals until sunrise.

September requires a different mask. One that shouts the end of summer is here. So start cocooning, get cosy and turn your zigzag water waltz into a straight deep dive because routine season is back, baby. Ah, routine. Killer of all dreams. Welcome back!

I celebrated the start of this month with a full-time contract. It didn’t last long. One week to be exact. 40 Hour office weeks are not entirely my idea of heaven on earth. So I moved into a new part-time position. Just the mornings, just enough to offer some structure in my wildly chaotic head and life. I’m actually so all over the place in body and mind.

My resume tells the same story. I’ve done about a gazillion jobs in different places worldwide. From cooking in Australian festival kitchens to teaching dance classes in my home town to creating a sweet little tea business to writing for a Canadian newspaper to selling tickets at a Brussels venue to – of course – trimming weed in California. A Jackie of all trades, you could say.

In my short seven months stay in Valencia, I’ve worked four jobs already. The shortest lasting one single day (it appears I’m not made to work in a call center) and the longest still going, three months in and counting.

What is it I do, you want to know? Whenever people ask me, I tell them everything I do, except for my day job. I guess I’ve just never identified with what I do for money before. Which sounds kinda sad and mostly weird, but my interests are so extensive and ever-changing. One day I may feel like cooking for 120 people. Other days I want to dress up and be an office bitch, or stay in bed and write books of poetry in the nude. Ya know?

Also: I’ve studied journalism and herbalism, and am now embarking on another study path in life. That of a death doula. And - why not - I'm slowly getting my sexual educator certificate too. Yes, other interests of mine: death and sex. Anything else? What do YOU do?

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