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Life in Spain

Hola cariños! Life is not all poetry and sparkles (but it is!) and I’ve been asked what I've been up to behind the scenes of this virtual platform. Aha! Life daaaahlin, life! Isn’t it spectacular that life flows is such different ways depending on the place you decide to live in. In New Zealand I was a baker, living a beachy peachy life of ridiculously early rises, watching the sun growing out of the ocean every morning. Now I live in Spain let’s just say I kinda forgot about the existence of sunrises.

Life is slower here, and later. By the time I wake up, the sun is already high in the sky blinding my tiny morning eyes. Coffee does the trick but is never yum. I work afternoons and afternoons only. Shifts are five to six hours. That’s it. This leaves so much delicious time to savour life! I mean I like work because of the structure it brings, which is great for my otherwise chaotic mind. But I like other things way more. So as soon as my shift is finished I rip the clothes off my body and have bikini bike rides to the beach where I soak up that sweet sunshine until it’s time for aperitivo.

I didn’t expect it, but Valencia is jam packed with live music! So the nights are often spent in bars and venues and by the time I ride my bike back home (fully clothed this time) the birds are singing and I have lost my voice completely. This on repeat is pretty much my life out here.

The sun has finally been gracing us with her presence and maybe it’s my Belgian blood but as soon as the sun’s out, I’m out. I find it very hard to be inside and 'get stuff done' when it’s 29 degrees with a gentle ocean breeze. I have been working on my third poetry book (excitingggg!) yet this only seems to happen late at night when the sun is absolutely gone for sure.

There is also the magic of late night hours, when all is silent and asleep… Alas, this does not exist in vibrant Spain where no one ever seems to sleep except for during siesta. The nights are where it’s at! Even a random Monday or Tuesday night is a reason to party. Wait, what is the reason? Welcome to Spain, baby! No reason needed to step out of your house all fabulous and return only when the day is dawning.

180° Change in rhythm for me after living the early bird life in NZ and I liiiiike it. Give me the nights! Give me the late mornings! Give me the sun every single day and I will happily receive all of this yumminess with a big smile on my face and minimal voice left after serenading every star in the sky and everyone I pass on my bike rides.

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