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Love shack

It’s the little things. A hot shower, a bed big enough to stretch your legs in, a fridge to keep food fresh, a machine that washes your clothes for you. All the things we drove away from when we moved into a van, are now temporarily back in our lives. We put our vanlife on hold for a couple of weeks after the festivals to indulge in the luxuries of a house and puppies resting by our feet. We are house sitting a beautiful love shack by the beach and it is so soul nourishing.

Waking up to two excited puppies, wagging their tails like a drum on every piece of furniture as they walk past. Percolator singing coffee’s ready, we fill up our keepcups and as my love drives off to work I run to the beach. Nothing yells SUMMER like swimming in ocean salt first thing in the morning, elegant swan dives into waves until there is sand in all the wrong places.

This is probably the most settled down thing I’ve ever done in my life: staying with my partner and two dogs in a house. For three weeks I’ve been living in a happy housewife state of mind, really enjoying doing homely things like hanging up washing in the sun, watering plants, cooking extravagant meals, cuddling the dogs, calling faraway friends for hours on end.

The first day we moved in, I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to do while having a house and wifi. I thought I would be writing blog posts every day, diving into partnership visa paperwork, organising my life. Instead I read books, written many love letters and celebrated life with wine and cheese in the garden every day. It’s been Sunday for three entire weeks now. Oh how I love Sundays. That slow, creative, productive but nothing really has to be done feeling.

Oh, and we put the finishing touches on the poetry book. Keep your eyes peeled for sweet poems to float your way!

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