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The past few years I’ve gotten into this magical thing called manifesting. Pretty much just asking for what you want, imagining having it, opening yourself up to receiving it and being ready for it when it comes. Because the universe has its funny ways and can make fast moves, faster than you might expect a dream to turn into a tangible thing.

"No way", you think, "ah heeeell nah! This girl has gone and lost her mind! You don’t really believe that stuff, do you?" Truth is, this isn’t something I talk about with everyone. But now I am, ha! So take it or leave it because this shit is about to get even more woo woo.

Whenever I travel and leave most of the city girl part of myself behind, my inner hippie is running wild and loose, straight to the nearest bunch of barefooted bohemians. We burn sage, pick oracle cards and become friends. That was pretty much me in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Nepal and all other places I travelled to and called home for a while. I pick up on the scent of patchouli and find my crew.

And boy have I learnt so much from my hippie friends! To live more freely, to connect strongly with my intuition, to manifest the life I want. It sounds tricky to believe, that last one. I was sceptical too.

When I took a course called ‘The Art Of Loving’, it involved a meditation on manifesting. I was asked to envision very clearly something I wanted to invite into my life that exact week. Anything. All I had to do was make sure I was very specific. No vague manifesting. I rolled my eyes and thought of the least possible thing I could think of that would become reality. One thousand dollars extra in my bank account, why not? I had to imagine life with that wish already being reality, and how did it feel? I wrote down exactly what I was wishing to manifest.

Days went by and I had forgotten about my little manifesting experiment until I checked my bank account. A friend who owed me money had decided to pay me back the first thousand dollars that day. I hadn’t asked him anything, as I was expecting it back in a few months, no rush. So all of a sudden there was one thousand dollars extra in my account and I had to laugh with this ‘coincidence’.

Another one of my manifesting stories proves how important it is to be really specific when you ask for something. I attended a women’s circle and the theme of the evening was manifestation. Again, I was asked to manifest something by inviting it into my life wholeheartedly. To envision having it in my life already and how that made me feel. I closed my eyes and saw myself cruising around in a red van. My car had just been crashed into and the search for a new vehicle was harder than expected. So I wrote down on a piece of paper that I was asking for a beautiful red van. It was funky, it had all the goods, blasting stereo, flower curtains, I let my hippie van life heart go wild.

Two days later I was test driving a van when I realised, this is it! This is the one I manifested! So I bought it. But soon it appeared I had forgotten to ask for a tiny detail when daydreaming intensely about this sexy red van. That it was mechanically sound. Because it definitely wasn't. Lesson learnt: be specific, especially when manifesting an old vehicle!

A daily tool I use for manifesting is writing my morning pages. As soon as I wake up, I free write for about half an hour. What pours out of my pen are worries, dreams and things I long for. When I read those pages again months later, it’s a game of connect the dots. What I’ve been asking for or mentioning again and again in those early morning free writing sessions, always becomes something tangible. Dreams coming true by manifesting, writing about them, visualising and taking actions towards that dream. And very important: being ready to receive.

I definitely believe in the magic that happens when you plant a seed. A glimpse of an idea, a daydream. A new way of looking at something, opening your mind to different perspectives. I’m also a believer in taking action, not sitting and waiting for things to happen. Manifesting can give me clear directions on what step to take next to turn that dream into reality. Each to their own, but I like my life with a bit of magic. ;)

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