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Merry JOMO

It’s that time of year to try and feel merry, even though many of us can’t be with loved ones right now. These holidays feel like they're carrying extra weight: how to feel festive when there doesn’t seem to be much to celebrate? This time can be quite overwhelming and expectations sky high. Circumstances force us to be creative.

Take a deep breath. I’m going to share with you something I’ve learned that has changed my life. Especially because I’m forever living in daydreams of future plans, cranking those expectations up wherever I go, visualising an entire evening of gathering with family, really feeling the effect of that expected cosiness in my mind. Instead, being a million miles away from home, I decided to embrace the JOMO. That’s right, the Joy Of Missing Out, baby!

If there is something we all had to learn this year, it is letting go. Letting go of the idea that we are in control, that we can plan things far ahead of us and especially: letting go of FOMO. There was not much to miss out on, so having no more fear of missing out on events gave many of us some kind of peace of mind. I ask you to go even further and to actually find joy in missing out. Which, believe me, is a big challenge for me. But I know it makes my soul feel fluffy when I can allow myself to indulge in the little joy(s) the present moment offers.

Of course I would love for nothing more than to be surrounded by family, friends, a fresh new Brussels baby I long to meet and hold, to be able to gather and cuddle. But I find joy in knowing my loved ones are healthy. Being able to call and catch up. Living in a gorgeous country, close to sweet friends. I can hug my love and myself. Run a bath and dip in the warmth while counting stars. Write love letters. Watch butterflies. Inhale the scent of the first cup of coffee. A new flower blossoming in the garden. Whatever makes you stand still for a little while, or for just a moment, and be really present. The ground under your feet, no where else to be.

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