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Morning thoughts

Feeling fine drinking tulsi tea thinking how can every day off be so sweet? Sugary sweet but the healthy kind, like the pumpkin soup I made for us tonight. Add a little cinnamon and smell the christmas. Mid winter celebrations around a christmas tree is a thing here in New Zealand. Mulled wine in July and why not? I’m not the biggest christmas fan so I’ll wait for December to celebrate hopefully hiding in a South Island cave with my love, a fire and some wine we had to carry in our heavy backpacks on this long hike. But so worth it. Because stars and wine and you and I.

Does everybody’s mind paint detailed pictures of the future like mine? Do you feel energies too do cats hate you too? Do some people actually feel normal and if yes, what does it feel like? Not that I’m ever tired of being a weirdo, but sometimes I just wonder. How does normal feel? Soft to the touch? Itchy like a woolen turtleneck? A constant bath of lukewarm?

When I was a child I used to stare at myself in the mirror and think what a strange face I had. Eyes so far apart they’re about to fall off my face. A nose that would fit no glasses. A mouth showing all teeth all the time. And as I got older, more and more people started to think I was someone else. I had doppelgangers! Women with similar faces! Would they be similar weirdos? I wanted to meet them all. Just like I got fascinated by others carrying my name. Joke. The Dutchest name of all. Every single Joke I’ve ever met has been awesome. Which makes me feel good for absolutely no reason.

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