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New dawn new day

I take a long drag of my neigbour's cigarette. It’s been years, but if there was ever a moment. Let this be it. The smoke tastes deliciously disgusting and gives me a head spin. Bye Easy Pea, my sweet golden van. Someone did a good ol' hit and run to my car and two others. No one got hurt, luckily. To the driver I say: karma is a bitch, luckily.

The timing was a strange kind of perfect. I just finished my last day of work, had come home to the caravan to pack my stuff into boxes to move the very next day. Lit a candle poured some wine. First bite of my romantic solo meal and a loud noise made me drop my fork. Five minutes later, knock on the door. Your car! All neighbours in the street, three smashed cars on a pile. No one hurt, driver driven off. A hurry of drunkenness? I roll my eyes. Since the day I moved here I’ve learnt New Zealanders are by far the worst drivers in the world.

So here I am watching my Easy Pea getting towed on this rainy Sunday morning. Rushed to grab all my stuff from the car, still in pyjamas. I feel light. Could be the cigarette or the feeling of letting go. Big changes, ready for it all. New job, new house, new vehicle. New energy to bring home with me to myself, my relationship, my friendships. Choosing happiness and love over the grind and paycheck addiction. Choosing to take it easy, seizing little moments. Make long early morning beach walks, take hot baths with my love, cups of tea with friends. Lots and lots of hugs. Slowly, gently, entering a new chapter.

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