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New Zealand partnership visa (expired)

It’s been exactly two years since I left New Zealand, and exactly two years since I received a partnership visa that would allow me to live and work in NZ for the next couple of years. It was a hassle to get that precious document. It cost me thousands of dollars and hours of gathering paperwork, creating a relationship timeline, getting medical tests done, all that jazz. And then I receive the visa, nearly six months after applying… On the day I was flying back to the other side of the world.

I alway kept it in the back of my mind though, this visa. As an option, a plan b or c in case Spain wouldn’t work out. (But then again, why wouldn’t it?) As I’ve been navigating Spanish jobs and salaries, I have been thinking of going back to NZ, maybe just for six months to see my friends and make some money.

But I guess I never really came around to do it. I’ve been too ‘busy’ settling in, creating a life I love in Valencia. Money hasn’t been a priority, and many kiwi friends have actually come over to visit me in my new hometown! And so I find myself in my little Spanish home, while two years ago I stepped on that plane in Auckland not knowing what the future would hold.

The only plan in my head was to enjoy some quality time with friends and family in Belgium before making a move to Spain, trying on this new land, see if it would fit and for how long. All I can say is that the longer I’m living here, the more I feel like staying. I think it’s a good sign.

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