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Night shifts

The delicacies of living life at night. 6 AM tenderness as my tired body moves swiftly from a hot shower to a cold room, where I crawl around the warmth of my love and join him in deep sleep. Nights off spent wide awake while the world is asleep. Drinking bottomless cups of tea and reading my book for hours on end, in the quiet of night. Emerging from a sleepy room to find the day halfway, bursting at the seams with sunlight. Waking up every day without an alarm.

The crazy busy traffic to work as everyone is on their way home after a long day at the office. Rushing to get stuck in a traffic jam. The lonesome drive home, no one else on the highway that early in the morning. Yelling ‘good morning!’ at everyone walking in at 7 PM. Coconut lemon matés all night too keep going. Reggaeton playlist on repeat, the later the night, the louder the songs. Expanding my Spanish vocabulary one song at a time.

I am beyond thrilled to go back to a more normal life rhythm. And I am forever grateful for dear friendships made in that nightly kitchen over endless hours spent cooking together, sharing secrets, talking about the finest things in life.

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